How to Add Movement to Your Everyday Life

I know, sis.

It's not easy making the time to prioritize your health.

But if we want to live our best healthy, big and black lives, feel good AF every day and break these generational curses, we gotta get it done.

This guide is gonna show you how to...

  • Look forward to moving your body regularly, instead of dreading it
  • Shift from a diet mentality to a lifestyle mentality
  • Break free from the all-or-nothing mindset
  • Identify and call out your limiting beliefs around health
  • Create simple exercise habits you can be consistent with based on your lifestyle


I've had all the excuses not to exercise.
After reading your guide, I got to the truth: my life is not where it used to be when I was working out 3X/day or when I was going to the gym. I can either sulk or do something about the situation I'm currently in.

I found that since I pray 5 times a day (I'm a Muslim girl), I can incorporate some movement along with my prayer timing. It's not much right now, just 5 min intense cardio or bodyweight exercises. But I feel so much better, & I have similar sore muscles like I do after going to the gym.
Your guide really is very very helpful. It's detailed. It's no BS type. It's practical too.
Thank you so much.

Showing you how to unapologetically live your best healthy, big and black life.

Hey sis,

I'm Bianca.

I struggled with prioritizing my health for YEARS until I finally figured out a system that worked for me, one that worked for MY lifestyle.

Now I'm a Lifestyle Coach here to show you how to unapologetically live your healthy, big and black life while holding on to your snacks, your sanity, your self love.